Telegraph gives the BNP blogs

The Telegraph newspaper is hosting a blog by Richard Barnbrook, councillor for the fascist BNP, we learn from Sunny at Liberal Conspiracy.

I wish this was a joke. Check out the headline for his second post:

“Blame the immigrants”. And a national newspaper published it. The only ray of sunshine is that someone – I can only assume a lone voice of reason in the Telegraph offices – seems to have tagged all his posts “racism”. Or perhaps he did that himself. Who knows.

Now, it must be said that this blog is hosted on a part of the newspaper’s website where anyone can apparently sign up for a blog and write about kittens or espouse their neo-Nazi views – hey! anything goes at “Britain’s No.1 quality newspaper website” – but I also found ‘Sir John Bull’ listed as a ‘featured blogger’ – you might remember him as the disgraced BNP candidate who thinks rape is no big deal. And, anyway, the Telegraph is responsible for what goes up on its own website.