This poster is meant to stop trafficking

stopslavery.jpgVia feminocracy, this poster is meant to address the issue of women being trafficked into Austria and Switzerland, in response, at least possibly, to demand created by hosting Euro 08.

A laudable aim, of course, but this slightly coy, ‘sexy’-type image of a white woman’s legs held together by a tiny chain, fails to get across the vicious reality of trafficked women. Doesn’t it slightly eroticise the idea? Isn’t that creepy? Look, I think it’s really important to do this work, but it’s important to consider whether or not the images and approaches used will be effective.

One commenter on, where this comes from, put it like this:

yeah, this is confused shite.

it seems a more effective as an ad for naughty escorts. not the message i think they’re after.

it’s a lost opportunity to do something meaningful and great. shame on you switzerland.

From the website:

* Information: People attending the Euro 08 and all related events must become aware of both the extent and repercussions of the trafficking in women.

* Prevention: Anyone who comes in contact with a victim of trafficking must behave in a responsible and adequate way. Our focus will mainly be on raising awareness amongst men who are the most likely – as clients – to come face-to-face with victims of trafficking.

* Victim protection: Protection of victims and their rights must be assured and strengthened. This includes the right to stay. Our goal on this appeal is to gather the support of a minimum of 25,000 people.

And what about this site, aimed at men buying sex from prostitutes? It is called, by the way, “prostitution without compulsion and violence”.

Just… argh…

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