Activism in Action!

Great news from the division lobbies of Westminster where the Ten Minute Rule Bill on the re-categorisation of Lap Dancing clubs to Sex Encounter Establishments was completely un-opposed today.

So there is now a mandate to relicense them as Sex Encounter Establishments and next week the Home Office are mailing consultation documents to every local authority in the country to determine residents’ views and the problems associated with current licensing. Further action will be dependent on this process so basically the more people write and complain to their local authorities, the more likely the Home Office will support a move for change. So: if you want a change in the law, get on to your local council asap to make sure your voice is heard…otherwise they will assume that residents in your area have no objections to the spread of these clubs

For more info see Object and Fawcett. Coverage of the debate is/was available here.

This was the coverage in the Independent before the bill – the spokeswoman for the Lap Dancing Association claimed that the venues were “merely part of the hospitality industry”.

(With thanks to Audrey for the email)