Another round-up

Are feminists “fine with being bigots if it’s just ableism”? Tekanji over at the Official Blog urges feminists particularly to confront the use of discriminatory language, such as “crazy”, “lame”, “lunacy”, etc.

Muslimah Media Watch considers the way this reporter approached some research on Muslim women in the UK:

Although this report answers many questions about Muslim women in the UK, mainly those within the South Asian community, it leaves us with many more questions about the assumptions and stereotypes of these women in the UK.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is carrying on the sexist and racist attacks on Michelle Obama. This time a talking head implies that she got where she is today thanks to affirmative action – see the video at Michelle Obama Watch.

Associated Press wants bloggers to pay to quote from their news stories. Boing Boing has more on this. The link to feminism? If every news organisation did this, the feminist blogosphere would be severely restricted in its ability to hold to account the media, government, etc:

Welcome to a world in which you won’t be able to effectively criticize the press, because you’ll be required to pay to quote as few as five words from what they publish.

AP’s approach probably breaches fair dealing provisions. However, which blogger do you know that could afford to contest this in a protracted and uncertain copyright case?

Lesbians and bisexual women are at greater risk of self harm, suicide and poor treatment on the NHS. More info at Lesbilicious.

Ammu Joseph profiles the film-making work of a group of women in rural India, tackling issues such as sustainable food production, over at WIMN’s Voices.

Is it anti-feminist to employ a cleaner? Feminist Avatar has a great post which examines some of the reasons why some feminists find the idea uncomfortable.

Condoleezza Rice is at the UN sponsoring a resolution on rape as a war crime. Um, sort of. Actually the word used in the Reuter’s report is “tactic”. Like Jezebel, I’m not sure how much good this does, but at least it’s calling attention to the situation:

Maj. Gen. Patrick Cammaert, a former U.N. peacekeeping commander, told the meeting: “It has probably become more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier in an armed conflict.”

And finally, some random period stuff. Jezebel linked up this service which emails you when your period is due! Of course, this works best if you’re kind of regular, one presumes. And if being emailed isn’t enough, The Countess recommends something that will make you feel better :)

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