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Our ‘Ask a Feminist’ feature has become so popular that the volume of questions is getting a bit out of hand, I think it needs to move over to the blog, where it can be updated more frequently. You can read earlier versions here, but from now on it has a new home here :)

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Well, I’m in my first year of college and have actually been pretty much a baby feminist since I was about 12. I really want to take this further when I leave college. problem is Icannot for the life of me find any universities in the UK that have a feminist or women’s studies degree. If you know any, it’d be great if you could tell me, cos that’s what I

really want to do :) Thank you.

Aspiring student

Dear AS,

Currently there are two undergraduate women’s studies courses on offer in the UK. One is a joint honours (with various combinations) at the University of Westminster. The programme leader there is Ruth Swirsky, and you can apply through UCAS as normal. The other is at Ruskin College Oxford, currently Y1 is offered and Y2 and Y3 are being finalised next year. Ruskin focuses on students over the age of 19 but will be offering the only single honours Women’s Studies degree in the UK. I am the programme convenor at Ruskin so any questions do let me know.

Alternatively you could do a UCAS search for gender studies degrees (there are about six I think including Aberdeen, Warwick and others) and try and specialise within them but it’s worth noting that gender studies, whilst usually having some feminist content, aren’t always specifically feminist courses.

Louise Livesey

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