More pink toolkits

If you’re going to have pink tool kits, this one at least doesn’t actually state that it’s being marketed at women.

Of course, it relies on the pink=women encoding we’re all too familiar with, but at least the website doesn’t specifically mention it.

But reader allyson points us to a discussion of the kit over at ‘hotukdeals’.

User ibiza is amused – not by the patronising and quite silly attitude that a bit of pink plastic makes anything and everything appealling to women – but by the idea that women might want or need a tool kit:

Its been well over 30 years since the introduction of the sex discrimination act, and was over half a century ago the UK signed up for article 19 of the Treaty of Rome. So although we love doing it – its really both illegal and discriminatory for men to be the only ones who service the car and do all the heavy maintenance about the home.

To address this – Maplin have cleverly introduced the following superlative of products – filling an as yet unidentified market niche – to tempt your loved one away from the dishes, dusting and hoovering, thereby enabling her compliance with the expectations of the aforementioned legislation.

And then:

Quidco and Maplin vouchers (that you subscribe to on their site) are available, and Superdrug, Boots, and Lloyds the chemist sell the first aid equipment you may need upon her opening it.

Another witty user posted this photoshopped image:

Whether this is more annoying or patronising than the real thing is for you to judge.

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