The women who ran for US president

WOC PhD has a great post up, which includes a long list of the women who ran for president pre-Clinton.

Hillary is the first woman to garner slightly less than 18 million votes but she is not the first woman to assume she had the right to be President nor to test that assumption at the polls.

This is a really impressive testament to the continued perseverance of women against the odds of a male-dominated, white political system. Our system is different of course, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Margaret Thatcher is the only woman to have led a political party with seats in the Commons, and thus the only woman to have even been in with a shot of becoming PM. Look for the women on this list – the only one you’ll find is Margaret Beckett. Here’s one for the Tories. And for the Lib Dems.

Via Zuky