YouTube footage of tonight’s vigil

Susannaaaa wrote in to tell us about this footage of the vigil in Glasgow this evening:

From the Glasgow Feminist Network:

Eleni Pachou. Moira Jones. Michelle Reid. Jeannette Cooper. These are the names of four women killed in Glasgow so far this year. Some have already received more media footage than others – there may well be more names to add to this list, names that never reached the newspapers…

This was a peaceful vigil with singing, flowers and candles. It was a time to grieve for the women we’ve lost – but also a time to stand up, be counted, and let everyone know… we won’t stand for this anymore. Violence against women must stop, and until our society changes, more women will die needlessly at the hands of men everyday.

We must let the city know that the women of this city are not and will not be victims. Men were invited to attend this vigil and be bold about their refusal to participate in a culture then denigrates, objectifies and, ultimately, kills women.