15 years of Bust and more

bust.gifBust magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary – more at After Ellen.

Blog drama makes it to the LA Times! Boing Boing has deleted all posts by Violet Blue, only to produce this slightly mysterious non-explanation. Her latest column is called Margaret Cho, a bottle of whisky and a long night. Enough said.

Via Pai, we learn that the Feminist SF blog is running a poll to find the top 10 obscure feminist works of science fiction. Personally I’ve not read a single one of these books – but I found plenty of summer reading ideas.

The Boston Globe adds to the discussion on right-wing, sexist and racist attacks on Michelle Obama with a brilliantly titled piece: “Make over old views, not political wives“. Via Think Girl.

Amazon.com is (was?) selling t-shirts saying “anti-abortion, but pro-date rape”. Jezebel has more.

Jessica at Feministing points out that Marie Claire beauty director Ying Chu has some… interesting ideas about why women shouldn’t shave our faces. In an MSN column she said: “Face shaving is such a masculine act that it can be psychologically confusing to do as a woman.” As Jessica puts it:

I’m sorry, but what? Now I don’t know too much about the psychological consequences of hair removal methods, but I’m pretty sure that, you know, there are none.