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Gosh it’s blogging overdrive from me today, makes up for being quiet for a few days I guess!

So….pertinent to other discussions by gendered violence deniers on this site here’s a study from Wales which shows that 4 in 10 people know someone coerced into sex against their will but a third of whom still think a raped woman who was “drunk” (an amorphous term) is at least partially to blame. I can only hope that 40% and that 30% are mutually exclusive populations! This on the same day that it was reported that 3 members of the Welsh Assembly have experienced rape and, like much of the population who have had similar experiences, none had reported it. Hopefully we can move beyond “those who don’t report it’s because they lack real probity” style responses now.

Maybe those gendered violence deniers might learn something from the Doing Feminism Vlog post on those who blame women for rape.

In the US Pandagon reports that the “moral” refusal laws include EMTs (emergency medical technicains or paramedics/ambulance staff to you and me). This means if an EMT thinks transporting a woman to hospital will result in an emergency termination then they can refuse to carry the patient.

Elsewhere there has been some stuff around diversity and academics/trainers which someone other than myself might find interesting. So at passtheroti there is discussion that diversity can’t be truly addressed unless it’s accepted it includes classism and gender as well as ethnicity. And Feminist Philosophers has this piece on how female and male academics get treated differently. And Feministe has something on how the academic job market itself is structured against women’s participation.

Meanwhile Amptoons has this sadly all too true reflection on the chances of a female US president.

problems begin

And Principia Comica has this little peon to the world of philosophy insults, which feels all too true (yes boys and girls apparently students feel “feminist” is a valid evaluation of female lecturer’s teaching (and it was in the bad box not the good)). Apologies for previous wrong attribution – entirely my fault!

Insults for Philosophers

And Morra Aarons-Mele has a very interesting post about why feminism is no longer cool in her reflection on Hilary/Obama and all that over at the Huffington Post.

Feminism is so nuanced now. We can’t burn our bras, shout, protest, and call it a good effort. Many women operate by maintaining an inner dialogue with our bad and good feminist selves, picking our battles, and enjoying shared, often subtle, protestations when with peers.

From The Huffington Post


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