Boris purges women from City Hall?

The Evening Standard reports that five top women in City Hall have been ousted since Boris Johnson won the election, and the position of women’s advisor scrapped.

Challenged on this, Boris’ ‘chief of staff’ Tim Parker implied that women are just not good enough to fill the top jobs:

He said that it was easier to appoint women to posts for which few qualifications were needed but said that as jobs became more important it was difficult to find suitable candidates.

Mr Parker said: “When you go down the pyramid of an organisation you find many more posts that are open to a broader market and it’s much easier there to be more equal, as it were.

“The narrower you get it’s tougher and tougher and sometimes you will get a situation where there are more people leaving or more people from one group or another.”

“From one group or another”?! Who does he think he’s kidding – it’s not a randomly selected demographic that happens to float to the top of the pile, it’s the same old boy’s club.