Councillors think Jewish women never victims of domestic violence; all rich

In evidence submitted to a recent report by the Home Affairs Select Committee on domestic violence, Imkaan described how at a London Councils grants meeting, councillors said that Jewish women don’t experience domestic violence(!), and if they do, they’re rich enough to pay for their own services.

Glad to know these are the folks responsible for doling out funding to women’s shelters. It’s not really worth answering this anti-Semitic drivel, but check out Jewish Women’s Aid if you really need a primer in ‘no women are immune from domestic violence’:

The lack of awareness of domestic violence in the Jewish community has caused damage. Women may remain silent through shame, embarrassment, a feeling of guilt or fear that they will not be believed. They feel alone, that no-one else has experienced such abuse and that it must be their fault. Being believed, accepted, supported and understood is vital. It brings strength and comfort and is the start of recovery.

See this story in the Jewish Chronicle for more – but you can read the full evidence here. Via Jewess