Daily irritations this week

The following are the latest entries in the “little things that bug me on a daily basis on the London Underground” files:

Item 1, the adverts for V Water. They all show a figure in profile drinking the water with a heading depending on what type it is. Has anyone else noticed that the ‘female’ figure is headed “GORGEOUS” and the ‘male’ one “LIVELY”? Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of the ones on the Tube, but here’s an example that I saw in the London Paper, headed “PURE”. I wonder whether they have any other gendered ones?

Women! Never forget that you are supposed to be “Gorgeous”!


Item 2, the adverts for Groupsave – a train company’s special offer for groups of four or more travelling together. There are two of these – one exhorting us to, and I quote, “Groupsave the girls” by taking them on a trip to a new town. The ad shows four women – sorry, girls! – shopping. The other shows four guys walking along the beach eating ice-creams and says something like “Groupsave your mates to the beach” (or words to that effect).

Women! Never forget that you are supposed to enjoy shopping at all times and the only reason you would ever leave your home town is to shop, shop, shop!

Item 3: The London Lite (for those outside of London this is an appalling free rag that is physically thrust at you by street vendors turning your daily walk to the office an obstacle course*). The other day I spotted this advert in it.

What an amazing way to sell TVs!

Yes, Women! Never forget your bodies will be plastered on any totally unrelated item to sell sell sell!

dodgy advert 1.JPGDodgy advert 2.JPG

(*I know it’s not the street distributors fault. They’re only trying to make a living like everyone else.)

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