Happy National Orgasm Day! How should we celebrate?

There’ll be those of you who think the allocation of just one official day a year to celebrate the almighty O is not enough, and I’m inclined to agree. However, the delineation of 24-hours to commemorate the exquisite delight of getting-off perhaps signifies a movement towards the normalisation of candid discussions about sex and masturbation away from the prudishness that traditionally characterises British society.

Probably not. But, let’s hope so anyway, and if nothing else it’s provided a perfect opportunity to talk about the need for women to become attuned to the sexual needs of their bodies (should they feel the inclination) through some good old hearty flicking of the bean. According to the 2008 Orgasm Survey nearly half of all women are not orgasaming, with 46 per cent of those questioned rarely or never experiencing a vaginal orgasm through penetrative sex. It’s frustrating, no? And the results of this survey, which is ongoing and can be completed online, are very interesting. But there was also some good news: 85 per cent of ladies claimed to come regularly through self-stimulation, with one woman’s comments confirming the benefits of onanism:

Until I bought a vibrator I had never had an orgasm of any kind. At the grand old age of 43 it came as quite a shock!

Lovely stuff. I’ve read advice espoused by well-known sexologist Tracey Cox, actively encouraging women to forage around in their nether regions, with those who do so once a day apparently heightening their sensitivity to such an extent that they will be more likely to come during sex. However, here’s the warning, she also claims that playing with yourself three or more times a day can actually have the opposite affect, meaning that it’s less likely sex will be as pleasurable as it could be. So, the message is simple: be kind to your clit, but don’t smother her. But it’s hard to get a balance, no? Especially since it is a universally acknowledged fact that the more you do it (sex included), the more you want it. Like gorging on chocolate, I guess, but without getting the fillings. Sadly.

But, confession time: I don’t own any sex toys. I’ve just never bought one, despite all the good press they get, the bashful part of me flushes red at the thought of rolling into a store on the high-street and leaving with a big fluorescent vibe in hand. It’s childish, I guess, and probably also tantamount to self-abuse, since I’d probably put a rabbit to some seriously good use. But, what’s the general consensus? Do you own any sex toys? Where do you buy them from? Can you ever have enough? And what toys would you recommend to help a woman get off? What’s your favourite? Any tips for making that first purchase a successful one would be very welcome!

Let’s try and make every day National Orgasm Day. Here’s hoping you have a good one. Happy coming, everyone. Ohhh Yeeesssssss……….

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