New York lap-dancing club raided

A lap-dancing club in New York has been raided and 19 people arrested on a number of charges.

This – criminally, in my view – includes some women working at the club, who are up on charges relating to prostitution. It will surprise no-one, I suspect, that “no customers were cuffed”, according to this report. Check out the pictures on that story, by the way! What a way to illustrate a story about a pimp who exploited women, laundered money through a not-for-profit, and, according to a woman interviewed by the undercover cops, required women to have sex with him in order to get a job.

Meanwhile, additional information from this (NSFW) account of the establishment, on the blog of a woman who used to work there:

He would touch you, and lead you around like a piece of meat… If you were alone in private with him[which most dancers avoided like the plague] he would do everything possible to touch you and even have sex with you. Lou also loved to get bad reviews of his strip club taken off the internet and paid his way to the top of a stripclub list. He would advertise on Cl claiming dancers made $1000 – $5000 a night! The interview process involved dancing for Lou…many girls collected their things after this “interview” and were never seen again. If Lou found you bad-mouthing the club on the internet you would be fired. He found out about my blog and read it regularly while I worked there to make sure I never said anything.

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