Call out for submissions for zine about Fashion and Gender

A friend of mine is looking for contributions for a zine she’s doing on connections of Fashion and Gender identity – I’ll let her explain….

I’ve mentioned to some of you my wish to put on a zine about the connections of Fashion and Gender Identity…After procrastinating a lot, I decided to call out for submissions.

The zine will be called FAG (Fashion and Gender)- very original of me….and I’d like to have it done before December when I leave Little England.

Basically what I have in mind is a compilation of personal stories, thoughts and critics involving this theme. no formats, size or limitations required!

The dead line for sending me the texts is September 30. But yeah, email me back if you are interested or have ideas.

here are some suggestions:

-semiotic analysis of trends within the radical queer community

-the way fashion industry defines gender identities


-the way you feel when wearing a dress or ‘boyish’ clothes

-the queer costume (the meaning of drag symbols)

-the use of make up and wigs

-fashion magazines and ads -how you feel about them

-refusal of fashion industry

-how the way you dress reflects your personality

Please write it in english- if you are spanish or portuguese speaker I can translate it if you don’t have much time.

Please use the response form to get in touch, and we’ll pass the responses onto her.