Chikipedia is like Wikipedia, except with chicks, right? Charlotte Cooper has more in this guest post

Ever feel the fire has gone out of your feminism? Tired of having to explain why something might be offensive to women? Maybe you just want to look at pouting pictures of hot chicks and then some? Whatever your wants, just check out, a great step forward into the future by Break Media, the company ‘who knows guys’ and obviously feels the need to create a ‘legitimate’ comprehensive wank bank.

The ‘ultimate user generated guide for everything you want to now about sexy famous women’ be she underwear model or TV star, stacks up the ‘chicks’ in the same format as wikipedia, providing scant information about her life and career and a sketch of a female body next to her measurements (where available). You can even choose to sort the archive by “similar chicks”. A handy resource for men who want to learn more about their favourite ‘babes’, or any babes as the endless list of chicks seems to suggest.

There is the option to request moderation, but I don’t think they accept as a valid complaint ‘offensive due to the perpetuation of women as objects and not real people’. The site is user-generated so the creators probably take little responsibility for the content, the fact that there are pictures prove the need for it, right? However the attached blog really reduces the company’s faith in men for being anything than huge throbbing penises.

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