Get active

Irrespective of the topic I would encourage people to take this piece at Feministe to heart.

Remember: the personal is political.

The more we speak up about our experiences, the more people we find who have gone through the same thing, and the more we can learn from each other, and discover exactly how common some of those experiences are — and thus, understand that those experiences are not our own personal failures, but the result of a society-wide approach to the issues we face.

And the more we speak up, the more other people, who don’t share those experiences, hear. The more information they have, straight from the people affected, rather than the (very limited) mainstream conversation that tends to exclude those people de facto. And thus the better understanding we can all form about these issues.

You are not obligated to speak. You can share exactly as much as you are comfortable sharing. But to those people who feel relief upon meeting another person who understands all of those “private” things that weren’t “relevant” to the conversation before: Speak up. I want to hear you. Start a blog. Comment on other people’s blogs. Make no secret of your day to day, minute-to-minute experiences, even when speaking with people in “real life.”

Not least because this is what men do to women

A woman pushed on to rail tracks by two men she told to stop smoking has said she felt “really lucky” to be alive. Linda Buchanan landed inches away from the 750-volt live third rail at Farningham Road station in Kent and suffered a broken wrist….it appeared she had spoken to the two men about smoking earlier in the week.

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