Intergenerational Communication

LaToya over at Feministe has written an amazing piece about Alida Brill and stories from the feminist world. She starts with a great and timely reminder…

Every now and again, I’ll hear someone make a remark that goes something like this: “Racism in the movement is just hold over bitterness from the second wave. We third wavers know better than that.”

Upon hearing/reading this statement, I find myself clutching my stomach from laughing so hard.

Now second wave feminists (and the movement they lead) had their share of problems, no doubt. But some of the things I hear coming out of the third wave aren’t much better. (Hint: Writing about an issue that impacts women of color once every six months does *not* make you immune from spouting racist or xenophobic bullshit the rest of the time. Just a statement for the record.)