Kyle Payne: how not to support women, part deux

Remember Kyle Payne, the self proclaimed male feminist, anti-pornography and anti-violence activist who admitted to exposing and filming a female student without her consent? Well he’s now released a statement in which he piles up excuse after excuse for his behaviour, essentially refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, and claims to be the victim of a “smear campaign”, despite fully admitting to what he did:

While caring for the female student, I felt a sudden impulse to expose her breast. Not knowing how to deal with this feeling at the time – and to put it more clearly, not knowing how to make sense of such an urge, given my personal values and my politics – I acted upon it. With a digital camera I kept with me regularly, I briefly photographed and took a few seconds of video of the woman’s breast. She did not consent to this act, nor did she have any knowledge of it at the time. This event ended as quickly as it began, leaving me in a state of disbelief at what I had done.

Oh, and he also has the cheek to expect that he will one day be “welcomed back into a community of feminists”.

Dream on, sugar. There’s no excuse for what you did, you don’t deserve women’s trust and you can certainly give up any pretensions to the labels of feminist or women’s rights activist. Accept you did a shitty abusive thing, move on, and don’t come back.

We need supporters of your ilk like a pro-lifer in the GP’s chair.

H/t Renegade Evolution.

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