New football magazine to launch. It’s for men, obviously

As you may know, in real life I’m a journalist and cover a variety of subjects, mostly sport and media, so I was intrigued to find out that Golf Punk are launching a new football magazine.

But wait! Who is it aimed at? According to the Guardian, it’s for the “thinking man”. This is presumably because no women like football and if they did they wouldn’t want to worry their pretty little heads with weighty matters; they’d just want to look at pictures.

On another matter, I was asked to pitch for a regular column in another new football magazine – if I was successful, I’d be writing “for women”, tucked in between the other features in the rest of the magazine that would be “for men”. I said that I’d be loath to turn a page aimed specifically at women into something too “girly”, particularly if it was going to go down the pin-ups and WAGs routes, and made some suggestions (based on my PhD research into female football fans) about what might be appropriate. I didn’t hear back.

(NB – the Guardian coverage of the Olympics has also included much gnashing of teeth from “red-blooded males” about Ana Ivanovic’s departure, and a highly amusing “impressive snatch” gag about the female weightlifting competition.)