The ‘race’ is on

Breaking news from CNN: McCain has selected a woman as his running mate. What hope now of disuading those Democrat women who were already planning on voting for McCain in protest over Obama’s nomination over Clinton?

Is it more important to have a woman, any woman, in the White House than a pro-choice President that is a man? No. Don’t do it America – a woman does not a feminist politics make!

And this from someone who has regularly argued about the importance of women in politics.

Update: I should explain. I’m not actually trying to say one party is better than another or dictate to people how to vote (ok, maybe I am a little bit). What I mean is that I don’t think people should vote for someone just because she is a woman. I think the politics of the person matter, not just their identity, however symbolic. And I put quotation marks on ‘race’ because of stories like this. I think we would be having a different conversation about Clinton’s defeat if she had been beaten by a white man who didn’t have a middle name that is in the Qu’ran.