Totally unbelievable!

Calum Best, son of footballer George Best and alleged serial shagger, has completed a TV series for MTV called Totally Calum Best in which he has pledged to abstain from sex for fifty days. The show first aired on 27th July 2008, although we are promised that “the best is yet to come.” Yep, that is a pun on the possibility of Best ejaculating. Intrigued yet?

I’m not. I’ve seen the advert for the show on MTV a couple of times, featuring Best, walking around some exotic beach as a self-elevated muff magnet, rebuffing approaches from beautiful, bikini-clad babes who we are led to believe are so super aroused at the sight of Best that they are more or less willing him to do them there and then. In short, the premise of this programme is vile and repulsive. Best, who supposedly has women literally falling at his feet, is going to resist, yes, resist as “best” he can (like that MTV?), in order to try challenge his public persona as a vacuous man who uses women for sex. The girls are semi-naked showcasing beautiful bodies toned within an inch of their lives in stark contrast to Best’s shorts and t-shirt combination. The implication is that the women have to be stripped to their scanites in order for their desirability to be apparent and for them to be considered attractive enough for Best (presumably making it more difficult for him to refrain). How arrogant! Am I the only one quite sceptical about Best getting this much female attention? The suggestion that women around the World are being somehow deprived of this man is, surely, completely and utterly unfounded?!

As well as portraying women as nothing more than sexual commodities, with an inability to resist any man who falls loosely into the category of celebrity, this also promotes negative stereotypes of heterosexual men, endorsing the idea that they view women as an unidentifiable mass of vaginas waiting to be penetrated. I’ve not seen the programme, so this is what I have been able to glean from advertising, but does anyone else find this show offensive?

[Edit: It would seem that maybe I was a day too keen with this post. There’s an interview with Best in the Obsever today, in which he admits what he wants from the show – to relaunch himself as an actor.]