Breasts confound and offend at Borders & Blockbusters

The word ‘titty’ has been redacted from the title of ‘The Itty Bitty Titty Committee’ in Borders and Blockbusters stateside, Grace Chu informs us over at AfterEllen.

Anyone spot this happening in the UK?

Grace hilariously describes how the offending term is gradually revealed: totally removed from the cover, it appears half-starred-out on the disc, and then finally is allowed to be shown only when the title screen loads up.

But, more seriously:

The retailers are apparently so ashamed of displaying a colloquialism for the word “breasts,” that they have removed the word entirely. In other words, they have sent out a message that breasts are inherently shameful. Talk about ironic. As Wolfe Films president Maria Lynn astutely pointed out, “You have [Saturday Night Live sketch] ‘Dick in a Box’ win an Emmy last year, and the word ‘titty’ is offensive.”