Coming out for animals

Animal rights activist and self-identified Queer blogger, Chris [Deep Roots Animal Rights Blog] addresses a comment made by Vegan Ideal which attempts to connect the attacks on LGBTI activists in Uganda and those of animal activists in the US

Why do queer activists in Uganda but animal activists in the USA bear the brunt of police suppression in their respective countries? Are they similarly subversive of “cultural” practices that turn out to be critical to the maintenance of state power?,

It doesnt work for Chris or and doesnt work for me. Chris responds……

There is perhaps a problem with comparison in this example. Animal rights activists in the U.S. are targeted for our activities and successes against large corporations. Queer activists in Uganda are not targeted because they are activists, or not solely because they are activists. They are targeted for being Queer, thus the situation requires the transition into activism.

I am left wondering why Vegan Ideal chose to use Ugandan LGBTI activsts as a comparison. How can you compare actions based on a choice of belief against actions based on what you are – it assumes there is a choice in being a lesbian or not. Yes there may be a choice in coming out or not or even acknowledging one’s sexuality. But there isnt a choice in being a lesbian or not.

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