More on the Poppy Project’s prostitution report.

From Julie Bindel at The Guardian:

…our researchers discovered [that] brothels market women merely as merchandise. Frank was offered “two for the price of one” if he visited during “happy hour” (any time before 5pm). One brothel owner offered to send two women to the punter’s home for a £50 delivery charge; another offered free oral sex without a condom if more than £50 was spent; and at one suburban sauna, first-time buyers were offered a voucher which entitled them to 50% off the next visit.

We primed the telephone researchers to look for evidence of trafficking. There was plenty. Brothels offered women of 77 different nationalities and ethnicities, including many from known-source countries for trafficking. One researcher was told by a brothel owner, “For no condom and anal, call tomorrow. Eastern Europeans promised later in the week.”

One punter I interviewed for another research project told me that in choosing a woman, “I made a list in my mind. I told myself that I’ll be with different races eg Japanese, Indian, Chinese. Once I have been with them I tick them off the list.”

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