Name and shame

A woman in the tech industry has set up a group to name and shame conference organisers that fill the stage of their events almost exclusively with men.

Dori Smith explains:

Given that I’ve been ranting about this issue for several years now (boy, time flies when you’re having fun, don’t it?) and nothing has changed, I figured I’d try something new this time: creating a group on called Needs Women Speakers. Feel free to join, and once you’ve joined, you can add “Needs Women Speakers” as a tag to any conference you see where you think it’s applicable.

Naming and shaming… it’s certainly not my first choice, but let’s see if it helps any…

Helen Keegan, posting at Musings of a Mobile Marketer, says of a recent conference:

It’s a 3-day conference covering all aspects of mobile web (and apparently the *only* mobile web event you’ll ever need), sponsored by dotMobi and at the time of writing have only THREE women speaking during the whole event so that works out at one woman per day. That really is unacceptable in this day and age. There are plenty women out there worthy of participating at this conference. Informa really must try harder to find them and engage them. I’m not expecting half the panellists or speakers to be women, but I would expect more than a token one a day. Of course the male speakers are interesting and relevant, but to only have one woman per day is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, my friend Darika blogged about a similar situation at a BBC debate on new media:

This isn’t a “why aren’t there more women in tech” question but a much broader question about the new media industry in general; an industry where many women are employed.

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