New radical feminist group launches; runs stall and workshop at Anarchist Bookfair 2008

A new radical feminist group has recently launched – Autonomous Radical Feminists has a blog, but it’s still not got much info up there yet.

But if you’re in the capital on Saturday 18 October, then you can go meet them at the Anarchist Bookfair 2008.

From the group’s blog:

We will have a table and a meeting at the Anarchist Bookfair 2008

Objectification, Exploitation, Capitalism and the Destruction of the Planet (or, You Can’t Eliminate One Hierarchy without Eliminating them All)

Aim of Meeting: To make clear the connections between the objectification and exploitation of women through the capitalist sex industry, including the trafficking of women and children into pornography and prostitution, and how the sex industry is invading and altering our personal lives, and the objectification and exploitation of the environment, and the creation of artificial material needs by the capitalist system.

Who it’s aimed at: This talk is aimed at both women and men, those who consider themselves already to be feminists, and those who have not considered how the aims of feminism connect with ecological and anti-capitalist concerns.

What the meeting should achieve: This meeting should achieve a greater understanding of feminism, and how feminist struggles are not a ‘minority’ interest, but a vital part of the ecological and anti-capitalist movements.

We have the ‘graveyard shift’ of 11am (room EB4)

Checking through the Anarchist Bookfair listings, it’s not super heavy on feminist or women’s stuff, but there’s a couple of other interesting things going on, including a workshop on feminist health by the Brighton’s Women’s Health Collective

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