Oh Lush… really? Did you have to?

Given that most companies in the business of selling ‘beauty products’ generally employ some dirty sales tactics to hawk their goods, Lush is generally a good thing in my books – as it relies on lovely texture, smell and colour, not making women feel bad about ourselves.

I also love that it stocks loads of vegan products and doesn’t test on animals, emphasises low packaging, recycling, fair trade, etc. But… is it me, or does this stunt not smack a bit of PETA?

Basically, to illustrate the plight of sharks, Lush had performance artist Alice Newstead pierce herself and string herself up with shark hooks in their Regent Street store. And, also, they’re launching a new product called Shark Fin Soap.

In many ways, it doesn’t seem as bad as the PETA campaigns – after all, Newstead is an artist who specialises in suspension. But… well… It’s still ‘selling’ the cause based on images of a woman being strung up bleeding from hooks, isn’t it? Even more problematic, I suspect, is the way that the Metro in particular has posted such graphic close ups.

Ultimately, I’m still not sure what I think about this one – but maybe Lush should stick to the soaps and stuff.

*Yep, some of it is pretty expensive, but not everything – the solid shampoo!

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