Police apologise over accusations of transgender violence

The Police have issues a statement today unambiguously apologising for giving the impression that there was violence initiated by transgender Pride attenders over a transgender woman being excluded from the womens toilets. Commander Steve Allen apologised for the “deep upset” caused by the reports which were distributed to the press.

The original claims read:

“The incident took place in the public toilets within Trafalgar Square where a trans woman was denied access to the female toilets, as a result a number of trans community members decided to stage a demonstration within the entry area to the toilets, an argument ensued, and the steward at the toilets was barged and pushed up against a wall, and inappropriate language was used.”

From Pink News

But Commander Allen now says that mistakes were made and the statement was incorrect.

“It is clear that members of the trans communities and the officer found themselves involved in a set of circumstances for which the trans communities were not responsible. They were clearly the victims. It has been claimed that the demonstrators assaulted stewards – examination of CCTV evidence demonstrates that these claims are mistaken.”

From Pink News

That said the apology isn’t up on the Metropolitan Police’s website….. Bird of Paradox has more here.