Rachel wins…and Sara comes third

I was waiting till now to post about Big Brother because I wanted to see how the finalists were treated by the crowd and by Davina McCall in their post-eviction interviews. Well, the moment has come, and lovely Rachel Rice has picked up the £100,000 winner’s cheque (the third female winner in nine series, following Kate Lawler and Nadia Almada).

More interestingly, perhaps, Sara Folino came third. She’s the Australian PA who went into the house in week 4, and was subject to some horrifying sexist abuse from fellow housemates Rex Newmark and Darnell Swallow, and to a lesser extent Mohamed Mohamed. She was called an “ugly bitch” and a “slut”, mostly for having the temerity to not particularly fancy Swallow, and the producers received thousands of complaints.

None of the housemates had any formal action taken against them; instead they were warned that they were being monitored. Sara seemed to decide after that that it was easier just to flirt with Darnell to flatter his ego, and so deflect the misogynist abuse.

Viewers had their own vengeance. Mohamed was evicted on Tuesday; Swallow and Newmark were the first two out tonight; and Sara finished third.

As I suspected, in Swallow’s interview with Davina, she failed to mention his vicious attacks on Folino; in Folino’s interview shortly afterwards, McCall suggested that her flirtatious behaviour and subsequent rejection of Swallow had been the cause of the attacks, because it had hurt his pride. As always, it’s the temptress’s fault when a man loses his temper.

Did you watch any of Big Brother 9? If so, what did you think of the Sara-Darnell incident, or Davina’s interviews?