“Real dads not lesbo dads” say New Fathers 4 Justice

Protest group New Fathers 4 Justice last week attacked lesbian parenting in an effort to promote the rights of fathers.

A small group of protesters took a banner reading ‘KIDS NEED REAL DADS NOT DAWN’S LESBO DADS” to the Bristol office of junior health minister Dawn Primarolo.

Ms Primarolo, MP for Bristol South, is a vocal supporter of gay equality, including the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

In May 2008 MPs voted to change IVF clinic legislation so they must now recognise ‘supportive parenting’ rather than ‘the need for a father’ when treating lesbians and single women.

“It is deeply sad that in trying to put across a point of view Fathers 4 Justice have descended into obvious homophiobia,” said Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill.

“Many thousands of lesbian couples bring up their childen together, something which sadly many members of Fathers 4 Justice do not. Dawn has been a dogged and supportive champion of equality on this issue and it seems unfair she has been targeted in this way.”

New Fathers 4 Justice is a reportedly a group made up of people banned from the similar protest group Fathers 4 Justice. However the distinction between the two groups is not clear, with both using superhero outfits in stunts to advocate men’s rights.

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