Reasons Why I Avoid Free Newspapers

All examples from The Metro, Friday September 19th.

Reason 1: Their misguided sense of priorities. Take this headline on page 9:

Barman was deceived

Oh no! Poor man. Why? (reads rest of headline:)

Barman was deceived

into sex with girl, 12

Oh. Hang on… What? (reads actual content of article:)

A barman who admitted raping a girl of 12 has escaped jail, after saying he was duped into believing she was 19.

So the story is a 25-year old man ‘admitted raping’ a 12 year old girl, yet the words chosen in the headline paint him as the victim. Nice one, Metro.

Reason 2: Adverts like this:

Zombie Strippers movie

Oh good grief…

Reason 3: Articles like this:

Women_cycling article.JPG

Women are three times less likely to cycle than men because they are put off by ‘helmet hair’ and getting sweaty, a poll found.

There’s a quite interesting statistic behind this story, which is that the UK lags behind mainland Europe in terms of gender equality in cycling, where men and women apparently cycle in roughly equal numbers. But the way this is presented as a kind of “Aren’t women pathetic and vain!” story…. ugh. (There’s more on the cycling story on Cycling England’s website.)

Reason 4: Adverts like this:

Tiger Beer Advert.JPG

Tiger Beer: “The Far East’s most desirable export since 1932”

Is this rage-inducingly offensive on many, many levels, or is it just me?

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