Sexists in the music industry: you will be found, you will be ridiculed

Today’s reasons to love music website The Lipster:

1. They rightly call Noel Gallagher a ‘tool’ because he’s posted a list of his top 10 bands of all time but decided that it should have “no female artists allowed”. OMG that must means that Oasis only listen to dreary white-male guitar bands! SCOOP.

2. They’ve jumped to the brilliant conclusion that Usher is a massive Bikini Kill fan because he’s performing a series of women-only gigs. Despite the fact the tour is called ‘One Night Stand’ and that Usher explained the tour with such wisdom as: “What better way to get up close and personal than to make it all women? The ladies like to see that masculine build. They question if I still got it”, The Lipster hopes he will be performing a cover of Suck My Left One. Wouldn’t that be just lovely!