Shocker: sexist system pays off for (male) sexists

US researchers have discovered that men who think the woman’s place is in the kitchen and the man’s place is behind a desk at work make more money, reports the BBC. On the other hand, women who hold less sexist views typically earn more than their counterparts.

A US study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that they will consistently out-earn more “modern-thinking” men.

On average, this meant an extra $8,500 (£4,722) a year.

How was the study conducted:

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Florida, was conducted on a large scale, with 12,686 men and women interviewed in 1979, when they were aged between 14 and 22, and three times in the following two decades, the last time in 2005.

The researchers asked them whether they believed a woman’s place was in the home, or whether the employment of women was likely to lead to higher rates of juvenile delinquency.

Whether or not their views have evolved over time is not, it seems, considered. Given that 1979 was nearly three decades ago, it might have been a good idea to check in, but we’ll set that aside for the moment.

Dr Timothy Judge, one of the researchers, said: “More traditional people may be seeking to preserve the historical separation of work and domestic roles – our results prove that is, in fact, the case.”

However, the Beeb also quotes a UK researcher – not involved in the study – who has a slightly different interpretation:

Dr Magdalena Zawisza, a psychologist from Winchester University, said that there were a number of theories which might explain the difference.

She said: “It could be that more traditionally-minded men are interested in power, both in terms of access to resources – money in this case – and also in terms of a woman who is submissive.

“Another theory suggests that employers are more likely to promote men who are the sole earner in preference to those who do not – they recognise that they need more support for their families, because they are the breadwinner.”

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