Spotting Sexism: A Crash Course In Feminism, October 2008

Quick reminder that the first workshop from Lights On is coming up.

Spotting Sexism is a four-week crash course in feminism, and how it applies in our lives for those who feel they are near the beginning of their feminist journey. If you’re ready to spend three hours a week exploring feminism and unpacking the jargon, click here for application details or email us if you have any questions.

The course includes:

  • two-hours of facilitated discussions on key feminist topics via conference calls
  • guest speakers
  • a secure space to ask difficult questions (where it’s OK to make mistakes or just not quite understand what ‘patriarchy’ is)
  • readings lists
  • activities tailored to help draw out your knowledge and experiences

Places are limited. Open to all. Registration closes on 25 September.

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