The F-Word blog seeks book nominations for the F-Word book club

As a sort of sub section of the F-Word blog, we’re seeking to start an F-Word bookclub. The idea is for this to be as reader-led as possible, with readers of the F-Word nominating books for the club, and comments on the book in question being posted on the blog.

Roughly speaking, it should work something like this… people nominate books, a book is chosen on a random basis from the list of nominated books, put up as a seperate entry on the blog, with a brief paragraph on the book by the person who has chosen it, detailing why they like it, why they’d like other people to read it. There will then be eight weeks of ongoing discussion about the book in question on the blog, before comments close, and we move onto a new book, using the same system as before.

So, any book suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We aren’t looking for a particular type of book, all we ask is that – because we can’t supply you with the book ourselves – you try to pick something that isn’t going to be too difficult for people to get hold of a copy of, as this will, inevitably, reduce the number of people able to read it and comment on it.

Anyone who reads the F-Word can nominate a book, and we don’t care if it’s fiction, non fiction, for adults or children, or teenagers, whether its a crime book, fantasy, sci fi, literary, middlebrow, lowbrow, pulp… we don’t care if it’s written by an author who is a feminist, or if it’s written by a woman or a man, just so long as it has something to say about women. Books don’t have to be nominated because they put forward feminist ideas, but because they’re of interest in some way to feminists.

Any nominations you wish to make should be submitted using the form below, along with your name (pseudnyms are allowed) and a brief paragraph on the book. The first choice will go up asap.