Two carnivals…

sisters' community hardwear storeThe latest Carnival of Feminists is up now at This is What A Feminist Blogs Like – haven’t had time to give this one a read, I’m afraid.

And also the latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence is up at abyss2hope.

And for good measure, a quick shout out to Renee’s post about wet nurses over at Feministe – I think this is one of her last guest post for the blog, and it’s definitely one worth reading:

Outsourcing reproduction, or child rearing is strictly the preserve of the rich. That women are the ones equally participating in this exploitation is extremely disgusting. While fighting to be recognized as equal beings in the public sector, reducing women to their biological functions in the private sector is counter to the progress of all women. Between the rent a womb explosion in India and the increased sale of eggs, reproduction has become big business.

Once something becomes commodified it becomes subject to review and control. Women that are selling their eggs, or working as wet nurses must undergo medical testing and live a life of rigid control. Their bodies no longer belong to them and instead belong to the family that has bought its capabilities. Class, once again combines with capitalism to further curtail the activities of women and render them inseparable from the functions of their biology. This is a uniquely female oppression.

Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling Palianted out, but Latoya’s post – also part of the Feministe summer of guest blogging – is definitely worth reading. She compares Sarah Palin’s position with that of Condoleezza Rice.

Finally, Rachel at Alas, A Blog posts about gender and baby clothes.

Photo by Shira Golding, shared under a Creative Commons license