Dorries refuses to give up…

MPs Nadine Dorries and Frank Field yesterday tabled an extra amendment to the HFE bill ahead of voting this coming Wednesday. The amendment demands the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to review the 1967 Abortion Act. The Committee would conduct a nine month investigation into the law resulting in the legal application of the review’s conclusions within two years.

Now, considering the cross-party Commons Science and Technology Committee already conducted a thorough investigation of the Act around this time last year, one might wonder why another review would be necessary. Well, unfortunately for Dorries and her foetus-worshipping ilk, the Committee whole-heartedly validated the pro-choice position, supporting the current 24 week time limit, condemning the two doctor rule and suggesting that nurses be permitted to carry out early chemical and surgical abortions (more here).

Clearly, Dorries wasn’t too happy about this, so she’s now demanding the creation of a new Committee which must include “those who support and those who do not support the services provided under this Act” and be informed by the views of both groups. In other words, she wants to ensure that she and her buddies come out on top this time, resulting in the curtailment of women’s reproductive freedom. At the very least, if passed, the amendment would further delay any positive reforms to the Act.

Vote her down please. My uterus is angry.