Polish women may be forced to register with government if they become pregnant

The Polish government wants to introduce a database of pregnant women, in an attempt to stop illegal abortions, we learn from Feminoteka, by way of the Feminist Peace Network.

Effectively, Feminoteka points out, this would put pregnant women under state surveillance, not to mention being a vast breach of human rights and doctor-patient confidentiality.

Feminoteka is calling for women everywhere to take part in their protest against this measure, by sending used sanitary pads and tampons* to Polish health minister Ewa Kopacz:

Minister Ewa Kopacz

ul. Miodowa 15

00-952 Warszawa


Dear Minister Kopacz,

I know that you are planning to build a database of pregnancies in Poland. I am not a Polish citizen, but I too would like to be registered in your system. I thought you may be interested to know that I am not pregnant, and therefore unlikely to have an abortion. I send you my towel/ tampon as proof. I will be glad to keep you up to date on the state of my reproductive system.

yours sincerely,

(name, address)

If you decide to support Polish women in this effort to respond to our government’s curiosity, please contact the Feminoteka Foundation, the inventors of the action, send e-mail to: info @ feminoteka.pl.

* Or, alternatively, they suggest staining a fresh one with something red!

Photo of Polish women’s day march by 3mieszczanka, shared under a Creative Commons license. Yes, I tried to find a good photo of a used tampon