Prossy Kakooza granted asylum

Prossy Kakooza has been granted asylum, according to the website set up by a Manchester LGBT church to campaign on her behalf.

She writes:

Dear friends: I get to stay!! Am still in shock, and am so sure it’s going to take days to sink in. But I have not stopped smiling since 12:00pm today, and won’t stop for a while.

Prossy fled to the UK from Uganda, where she was viciously persecuted, raped and imprisoned, and she narrowly escaped being murdered by her family – after they discovered she had a girlfriend.

You can still read all about the case on the MCC website, along with horrifying clippings from a local newspaper which has a campaign of hate aimed at ‘outing’ lesbians and gay men.

It’s fantastic this case has been resolved, but a nation-wide campaign shouldn’t be needed every time! Having read the details of Prossy’s experience, it’s hard to understand what the Home Office was thinking in denying her asylum for over a year.

Via brand new feminist