The Independent: “Pictures of semi-naked women…”

A bit late on this one, but I read in Private Eye today (No.1220) that the new-ish Editor of the Indpendent, Roger Alton, previously Editor of the Observer, has said:

Froth is fun. Pictures of semi-naked women basically make the world a better place.

Private Eye goes on to call his changes the “new full-colour, tits ‘n’ sport incarnation of the Independent.”

I googled it (oh the humiliation of googling “Roger Alton” + “semi-naked women”!) and found the Guardian interview where I think the quote came from, which I’ve linked above.

Guess what it says next:

He doesn’t see the Guardian as his main rival (“God, no!”) and believes he can take readers off the Mail (which he calls “the best paper in Britain”) and the Times, which he also admires. [my emphasis]

This does not really bode well, especially bearing in mind our recent observations. I used to buy the Indie quite often but this really puts me off.

Remember this is the paper that at one time was edited by Rose Boycott, who co-founded Spare Rib.


On the plus side, Private Eye reports that sales of the Daily Star Sunday have dropped by 25% this year! So it’s not all bad news, readers.

[Edited to add: I just clicked onto the Independent’s Men & Women section of their website. Oh. My. God. It’s just… Awful! I wouldn’t know where to start! Gah!]

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