Tuesday roundup

“This is not an invitatation to rape me” is the slogan of a new campaign run by Rape Crisis Scotland.

If you’re south of the border, you can see the whole campaign online.

It deals head-on with the myths that women “deserve” or “encourage” rape in certain circumstances. Great stuff.

Eight prominent lesbian bloggers have launched a campaign to raise money for the “No on 8 Campaign”.

Californian voters will not just be electing a president this November, but will be voting on ‘Proposition 8’ – a measure which would effectively re-ban same-sex marriage in the state. Bloggers involved include Pam Spaulding, Sinclair and Dorothy Snarker. The idea is for the eight bloggers to raise $8,000 in eight days. They raised more than $3,000 in the first 24 hours! More info here.

This relates to climate campaigning, but what with Feminist Fightback chaining themselves to the Department of Health this week, and the arrests at Climate Rush recently, it’s still of interest to feminists too, I think.

Campaigner Esha Momeni has been arrested in Iran, while interviewing members of the One Million Signatures Campaign – Feministing has the full story.

Stroppyblog has sketched a biography of Constance Markievicz – the “Red Countess”.

Queen Emily at Questioning Transphobia has some thoughts about use of the term passing.

Jessica at Feministing posts about a ‘pro-life’ website, which has to be seen to be believed.

Racialicious posts about a new trend in cartoons aimed at attempting to shame Muslim women in relation to clothing.

What’s the opposite of jealously? Compersion.

Anna at Shameless posts about Yo Majesty: “They’ve been tearing up dancehalls and The Internet for years now, but this is the first time you can have a full sixty-ish minutes of gay feminist hip-hop that’s also super dirty and catchy all to yourself. You will dance. You will blush. You will smash misogyny.”

Beautiful art with interesting influences, by Indian Jew Siona Benjamin:

Siona’s work is driven by Torah narratives, especially of women, that are inextricable from her personal experiences. Her Bene Israel Jewish family inculcated a deep sense of Jewishness, even while she was educated in the rich cultural diversity of Catholic and Zoroastrian primary schools within the predominant Hindu and Islamic culture of Bombay.

Via Jewess

A teacher may be able to carry on teaching reports the BBC, even though he “slapped a pupil on her bottom and called her a ‘naughty girl'”. Via Anji.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama, crossing party lines and nailing what’s wrong with the anti-Muslim, anti-Arab sentiment it’s been possible to observe even from across the pond What Tami Said has got the footage.

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