African women blog…

Afrigator has compiled a list of the top (as in, most read) “female African blogs”.

Sokari has already posted her assessment of this ranking over at Pambazuka:

Unfortunately the term “African women bloggers” is somewhat misleading as many of the blogs, particularly the non-South African ones are actually written by non-Africans. “This is a real shame as there are so many excellent blogs written by African women from across the continent and in the Diaspora but apart from the South African bloggers, only 4 are listed in the top 45. A more efficient way of finding out who is writing a blog is simply to include a box for gender and country of origin.

But despite potential flaws in the rankings, it’s still an interesting list of blogs. Sokari – who occasionally blogs for us as well – was mentioned herself, as Black Looks came third in the list.

(H/T Jezebel)