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I can’t work out whether to be appalled or applaud this story….

Reinforcing gender stereotypes by having an all-girls school plan a wedding as a learning tool (as that’s obviously the most important thing they’ll ever have to do). But given it’s an all girls school doesn’t that mean this was a woman-woman wedding presided over by a priest?

And whilst we’re on all-girl schools lets just highlight this little gem from the Head of Cheltenham Ladies College who has argued that girls learn better in single-sex environments not because we have a patriarchal gendered society in which boys are privileged and girls taught to embody “feminine” attributes like compliance and quietness but because “girls brains are wired differently”.

there were also neurological reasons that also suggested that girls and boys both benefited from single sex teaching because their brains were wired differently.

I can only presumke HLC only hires female staff who’s brains are similarly wired so they can relate – sadly the CLC webpage doesn’t list their staff so I can’t find out. She also argued that girls schools provide an antidote to “Botox and bingeing” – sadly all I can say is my experience of large groups of teenage girls is that they promote such a culture particularly in contexts which emphasise their roles as being one of traditional heteronormative “beauty, marriage, kids”.

Interestingly this statement was apparently made to “150 conference delegates from 200 girls schools” – good to see some frugality encroaching into private education if only on the girls schools side of things!

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