And yet

As exciting – as much of a blessed relief – as it is to see Barack Obama elected president, and Congress swing to the left – as elating as it is to see the amazing reaction to this in the photos from across the US and the world – including Obama’s family celebrating in Kenya, as much as I also cried when I woke up to this news today – it’s not all good news.

(Although on a further plus note, two anti-abortion ballots were defeated.)

But Proposition 8 looks set to pass, re-banning same sex marriage in California by a narrow margin. Bans have also passed in Arizona and Florida.

Arkansas banned unmarried couples from adopting children – Alex at The Bilerico Project explains some of the background ‘reasoning’ behind this ludicrous decision.

To echo Sarah Warn, “This also makes me want to cry, but not tears of joy.”

And Melissa at Shakesville:

And I still want to grab by the shoulders and shake every person who voted for inequality and demand to know of them: How could you?

Meanwhile, also over at Shakesville, PortlyDyke has written some predictably wise words of wisdom on what happened:

When you push on the gates of power, there will be pushback.

At first, for sure. Later, perhaps less so. Much later, maybe not at all.

And Ampersand points out that – as bad as it is – the margin by which the ban on same-sex marriage passed has actually been cut by nearly 10% in the eight years since California’s last ballot on the issue:

They’ve won. Today. But they’re losing the war, and they know it. It’s only a matter of time.

Screenshot from protoflux