Another weekend round-up

Mercy Wanjiku has had her ‘removal’ date postponed after a last minute intervention – see womensgrid for more.

You may remember Northern Irish MP Iris Robinson, who made some vile homophobic comments earlier this year. Her husband and Northern Ireland’s first premier, Peter Robinson has publically stated that he agrees with his wife, that homosexuality is an “abomination”.

A woman in the US is suing a hairdresser, after she went to get her hair dyed and was told “We don’t do African-American hair.” Renee at Womanist Musing points out:

Why should she not have been able to walk into a hair salon and expect them to be able to cater to her needs. Hair care is one of the few industries that continues to be divided by race. One look at the magazines in the waiting area will let you know if you are in the right place or not.

This continues largely because black hair is deemed to difficult to deal with. Somehow the white hairdressers cannot be proficiently trained to deal with the high maintenance needs of a black woman….oh no their delicate hands can only deal with the silky locks of white people. In all of the years I have been going to salons, I have only ever been to one that catered to both white and black women alike.

Finn Mackay from London Feminist Network was on Radio 4 talking about her time at Menwith Hill Women’s Peace Camp – you can listen again, but only for about a week.

James Bond – aka “the pro-imperialist misogynist thug” – should be retired, argues Harpymarx.

While comments are still going strong on Laura’s post on PETA’s sexist tactics, here’s the animal rights group getting it right for once. Joan Jett! All those guitars!

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Laura Kidd reminisces about the ’90s band Bis, in particular her feminist song “I’m a slut”.

At the Guardian, Stewart Dakers doesn’t appear to know the difference between “masculinity (traditional concepts thereof)” and “men”.

US women are paying more than men for the same health insurance! Pink Scare breaks it down.

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