Apparently men have to be Cervix Savvy

This website (with hat-tip to C for sending it to me) is designed to encourage people to be more aware of the need for cervical screening – a right and good thing. But on looking at the website who would you think had cervixes?

Cervical Cancer Advert

Gee my top ten reasons for not getting screened after watching it?

1. I don’t see why advertisers thing women want men acting dumb to tell them about cervical cancer.

2. If the NHS can’t manage to put a single woman on the front page of a site about cervical cancer then they ain’t going near my bits!

3. If the implication is “have a smear test, be more attractive to men” then I’ll pass, thanks.

4. Reinforcing the notion that men are “clever” and should explain things to women is infuriating.


I AM IN NO WAY SUGGESTING WOMEN SHOULDN’T GET SCREENED, just to be clear, only that this advertising “campaign” is ill-thought out and rather insulting to women. The only time a woman “appears” (it’s only by name not in a pictorial way) on the site is the “True Stories” page – the message – men “know” about cervical cancer and women just suffer/die from it.

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