Appropriate games for girls

I was covering The X Factor for the Guardian’s website on Saturday night, and, during one of the breaks, was taken aback with one advert featuring Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby. Here’s what I wrote over at the Organ Grinder blog

“8.01pm: Right, Nintendo DS game inventors. Girls like PINK so you make them a PINK CONSOLE. They like LICKLE FLUFFY BUNNIES so you get Girls Aloud to advertise a looking-after-pets game. And they should all GET MARRIED so you get Fearne and Holly to advertise a wedding-design game. Fantastic patriarchal brainwashing. Good work. I shall step down from my soapbox now.”

And then I went into Woolworths today and saw not only Imagine: Dream Weddings but also Imagine: Babies and Imagine: Happy Cooking. As well as these domestic-focused games, there are some subtle nudges as to appropriate girly careers – Imagine: Fashion Designer, Imagine: Teacher, Imagine: Interior Designer…Any further suggestions for the next game in the line? Imagine: Loading the Dishwasher? Imagine: Sorting Your Delicates?

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