Death of Laddism Parade

Firstly – well done to the 2,000 women who filled the streets of London to Reclaim the Night last night!!

Secondly, capitalising on its success, there has been talk amongst various feminists, including those from the London Feminist Network, Object and the London Pro-Feminist Men’s Group, of organizing a ‘Death of Laddism’ parade.

The purpose would be to challenge the notion that laddism defines men (indeed is offensive to them), and rally round the anger at high profile ‘laddish’ behaviour such as the recent Brand/Ross controversy. Planning has yet to get off the ground in a formal sense, but ideas being batted around have included a New Orleans-style ‘funeral for the lad’ parade, a positive, fun parade asking “what would your life be like without sexism”?

If you’d like to be involved, everyone is welcome and the more hands the better. A yahoo group has been set up for those who’d like to help.

Sarah, who set up the yahoo group, says:

The aim of the parade is to challenge heterosexual middle-class white male privilege, and anyone, however they identify themselves, as long as they are also against heterosexual middle-class white male privilege, is welcome to take part.

Have fun!

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